Here ye, Here ye

I “announced” the website via my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts yesterday.

It opened the subject up that I had actually started working on the site last June.

What took sooooo long?

Well let’s start by explaining this. I’m a divider plate kind of woman. I want each of my vegetables and my potato to have their own separate space. It’s not good if they touch. It’s as though the flavor receptors in my brain get confused when they touch. Everything tastes bad or the same. Therefore, no touching.

Now onto the website. When I signed up for it, I also started several other large projects. I’ll admit, it was the larger projects that spurred on the thought of starting the website. I felt rather ambitious!

Most of the projects I was working on were intuitive to me. I could work on them simultaneously without losing track of where I was. It didn’t work that way with the website. It required far more effort it seemed. Even the small parts seemed to be complicated endeavors.

Truth of it is, I put my peas, my corn, and my potato all in the middle of my plate when I don’t like them to touch. On top of that, I used a bowl. There was no way to keep things in there own spot. It was inevitable. There was touching. So off to the wayside the website fell. Until now that is!

Why now? I cleared up my plate. Of course there’s always something. It’s just now I realize why I was having such a difficult time with it, so I’m able to allocate my time and projects better. It also helped that a friend whispered some encouraging words in my ear at the right time. Oh, and I got a divider plate.

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